104-Year Old Japanese Doctor Recommends These 14 Healthy Pieces of Advice

A 104 year old doctor named Shieaki Hinohora passes down his advice which he lives by.

He is the author of over 150 books and some of them are best sellers. One named ” Living Long ” was one of his most famous books.

Today we will pass to you his most famous advice on how to lead a happy and healthy life.

1. Take the stairs and not the elavator. Always carry your own stuff.1. Take the stairs and not the elavator. Always carry your own stuff.
This represents firm proponent of doctor Hinohara.

2. You do not have to beleive everything your doctors says to you.
Educate yourself if you are unsure about something.

3. Pass on the information you know.
It’s good to pass on your information to the younger generation. How else will anyone else learn?

4. You never have to retire.
If you love what you are doing then keep doing it.

5. You should plan ahead.
Always make plans. If you have not plans then you have no goals. Then you have nothing to look forward to.

6. Try not to be overweight.
Dr. Hinohara consumes a tbsp of olive oil, orange juice and coffee for breakfast. Cookies and milk for lunch and rice, fish and veggies for dinner. He consumes 100g of lean meat two times a week.

7. Energy comes from feeling good. Not from the food you eat.
Eliminate strict routines and allow yourself rest when you need it. You will have all the energy you need then.

8. To live long is a wonderful thing unlike what some people say.
If you live a healthy life you will have no problem with being old.

9. Look for a role model
Everybody needs someone to look up to. Even if its just your sibling.

10. Life is very unpredictable. Do not worry about the fmall things in life.
It’s the things you don’t expect are the real worries in life.

11. Science alone can not help or cure people

12. Money does not mean everything.
Your health is much more important.

13. Music can heal the soul
Listen to music. Its the most powerful medicine.

14. Be inspired
Always try to be inspired. Find something to do everyday.

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