When Toddler Proudly Shows off New Pink ‘Watch,’ Aunt Realizes What Her Boyfriend Didn’t Put Away

Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

Ben Lauder recently discovered that if you leave an “adult toy” on a bedside table when there is a two-year-old running around, it may get into the hands of the toddler, particularly if that toy is pink and fits on her wrist just like a bracelet.

The 20-year-old learned this lesson when his girlfriend Amy-Jade Barlow sent him a text message that read, “Are you kidding me?!?!?!”


According to The Daily Mail, Lauder knew he had done something wrong, but he didn’t know what until she sent him a picture of the toddler showing off her newest piece of jewelry: a pink vibrating penis ring:


Barlow described finding out about her two-year-old niece Macy’s new bracelet:

“I sat on the sofa and Macy had been talking about a new watch and kept going on about her new pink bracelet and I was like ‘What is she talking about?’ then I looked and I just couldn’t believe it. I was mortified.”

Macy proudly posed for the picture wearing the penis ring wrapped around her wrist:


The aunt took the sex toy off of Macy and moved it to a new hiding place where the young child would not be able to find it. She said:

“I took it off her right away but she cried when I took it away. It’s now in a new very safe hiding place but Macy keeps asking for it and looking in my drawers.”

Eighteen-year-old Barlow lives with her family, so after getting a good laugh out of the penis ring-turned-child’s bracelet, it was time to explain what happened to the rest of the family:

“It was so awkward explaining what had happened. My mum kept asking what it was but I just told her she doesn’t want to know.”

Having moved into the family home not long after Macy found the sex toy, Lauder also had to face Barlow’s mom.

According to The Daily Mail, Lauder said:

“When I came in Amy-Jade’s mum was upstairs cleaning and I just avoided her for as long as possible but then she came down into the living room and she just laughed at me – it was such a relief.”

The whole family got a laugh out of the mixup.

The laughs kept coming when Lauder shared his story on Twitter:

“Always pack things up away eh!”

Lesson learned.

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