People are now using bugs to decorate their nails. #10 nearly made me vomit

Not fond of bugs? You might want to look away. The latest in weird beauty trends is dead bug nail art, and it’s not for the squeamish. That being said, if you’re interested in all things gothic and avant garde, this trend might be right up your alley.

They don’t stop at using insects in their nail designs either, so make sure you check out the last picture to be mind blown

1 – No thank you!


2 – Here’s a close up.


3 – Is this a butterfly wing?

4 – Well this is definitely a butterfly wing! Yuck


5 – Another buttery fly wing.


6 – Close up of a wasp in nail!

7 – Goanna Skin? No thanks..

8 – Goanna skin being applied!

9 – Spider in finger nail!

10 – Ladybug in fingernail!

11 – A scorpion!

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