Son Is Trapped Inside His Body. 12 Years Later, He Wakes Up And Tells Mom A Dark Secret…

For Martin Pistorius, a 12-year-old boy growing up in South Africa, the events began in 1988. Having come home from school due to a sore throat, he found his health spiraling from that day onwards. His body weekend and he would not be able to do all the normal functions on his own. Doctors warned his mother that he was looking at a permanent brain dead situation, and how Martin would only possess the intelligence similar to a three month old infant.

However, his parents did not anticipate him waking up after four years. He seemed to be completely aware of its surroundings, although his physical situation did not make any improvement. He could not walk or talk, or even move. However, most of the people would reveal some of their innermost secrets in front of him. One of the most heartbreaking incidents was when Martin’s mother mentioned that he would be better off dead.

“ I said that I hope you die, and I had absolutely no idea that he was understanding that,” confessed his mother to NBC. “I am extremely sorry I have ever said it.”

Martin now understood that his mother had wanted his pain to be relieved. About a decade later, a physical therapist by the name of Virna Van Der Walt had a look into his eyes and mentioned that she saw hope.

“There was a certain sparkle in his eyes. I knew that he comprehended whatever I said,” Van Der Walt told the NBC News. After some cognitive tests, Martin was able to get the help he needed. Today, he has a successful career, lives with his wife and can even drive.

“If not for the initiative taken by her, I would have probably been lying in a care home, forgotten by everyone,” he mentions.

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